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Family fights for justice over son's brain injury

It's common for Pennsylvania parents to envision a happy and successful future for their children, even while the mother is still pregnant. Unfortunately, one family likely will never witness any of that for their 17-year-old son. The boy suffered a brain injury during his delivery, and his family believes that the attending obstetrician is to blame. 

When the boy's mother went into labor, she claims that it took approximately 10 hours for her OB to even show up at the hospital. Furthermore, she claims that he was discussing the state of his car on a cellphone when he entered the room. Apparently, he seemed less concerned with her and her unborn son's safety than with his broken down vehicle. 

Police track down driver accused of fatal auto accident

Whether for health reasons, a love of the great outdoors or the lack of a personal vehicle, pedestrians are an everyday reality in Pennsylvania. Both motorists and pedestrians must share the road in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. When one side of the equation fails to take into account the safety needs of all those involved, an auto accident can occur.

A 62-year-old woman and her sister were walking on the shoulder of the road when a car approached them. Sadly, that vehicle struck them both, resulting in a devastating accident that caused catastrophic injuries. The 62-year-old victim died instantly due to the impact, while her sister suffered injuries and was transported to a local area hospital.

Auto accident victims deserve more than insurance company offers

Barring a few exceptions, it is exceptionally difficult, if not downright impossible, to get around most places in Pennsylvania without using some type of motor vehicle transportation. Because driving is such a necessary aspect of life for most people, it might be easy to assume that the majority of drivers are experienced and cautious behind the wheel. Sadly, we know that this is just not the case. If you have ever been in an auto accident, you understand just how terrifying it can be.

Car accidents are more than just scary -- they can have lifelong effects. Even wrecks that do not seem too serious can wreak havoc on a victim's body. Neck injuries are especially common and can impact a person's ability to carry out even the simplest of daily tasks. 

Medical malpractice rates may be high for breast cancer

Accuracy in diagnosis and treatment is one of the most critically necessary aspects of proper health care management. It may be easy to shrug off stories of a friend's or neighbor's misdiagnoses, but the frightening reality is that these stories are not necessarily an uncommon occurrence in Pennsylvania. According to one study, the results of biopsies for breast cancer are misread roughly 75 percent of the time. Those affected may have received improper treatment resulting in further injury, which could possibly warrant a medical malpractice lawsuit. 

A study was conducted in which various breast cancer biopsies were distributed to 100 pathologists. Those pathologists were then instructed to diagnose the biopsies, presumably as either cancerous or not. When the diagnosis aspect of the study was concluded, the researchers passed the results on to three professionals at the top of their career field. The diagnoses were closely examined, and all three found that there were serious inconsistencies.

Wrongful death claims to follow Blue Bell listeria contamination?

Pennsylvania patients and consumers typically expect to be able to enjoy a little bit of ice cream without falling deathly ill. Sadly, five patients at an out-of-state hospital contracted listeria after being served ice cream that was contaminated with the deadly bacteria. Of those, three have now died. It's possible that the company that produced the ice cream -- Blue Bell Creameries -- could be face claims for financial responsibility in a wrongful death lawsuit.

The string of infections stretched out over the period of year, from Jan. 2014 to Jan. 2015. The hospital where the patients were admitted served various specialty ice cream products produced by Blue Bell, and was apparently advised of the possible contamination following the discovering of listeria contamination at a Texas facility. Blue Bell was not in any trouble at the time, but instead, it was simply subjected to a regular and routine inspection of its facilities. 

Children seek justice for mom from alleged medical malpractice

A family is without its mother following what may have been a series of dangerous errors made by an attending doctor. The family has since filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who treated their mother, and in the claim cited the doctor's failure to pass his medical examinations. Pennsylvania families that have also suffered a loss from suspected malpractice may want to consider similar action. 

The victim was initially injured in a workplace accident and was later treated by the doctor in question. According to her children, the doctor administered spinal injections on a regular basis between Nov. 2011 and Feb. 2012. However, all of the instructions for both pre- and post-procedure care were in English, which she did not speak or understand. The victim's native language was Spanish. 

Considering a wrongful death claim? We understand your needs

A person's death often results in a ripple affect, touching the lives of all those around them. We understand that coming to terms with the loss of a loved one can be one of the most difficult tragedies to overcome. Unfortunately, the mourning period for a wrongful death may be an even rockier journey.

The period of time following a loved one's death can be a confusing time, and some Pennsylvania families may be left wondering if a person's death could have been avoided. Not every death in a hospital or a car wreck is necessarily a wrongful death. However, if another person was negligent, it is possible that this may be the case. For instance, a fatal accident caused by a drunk driver is likely viewed as a wrongful death.

Brain injury not uncommon cause of disability and death

While many people in America may be using the month of March to get a little spring cleaning done in anticipation of warmer weather, others are using it to shine light on an important issue -- brain injuries and the individuals who must live them. As National Brain Injury Awareness Month, some experts on the subject as well as victims are working their hardest to make sure that the public is aware of just how serious a brain injury is. Victims in Pennsylvania may already be intensely familiar with how this type of injury can wreak havoc on a person's life.

Did you know that there are actually three different levels of brain injuries? Traumatic brain injuries can be classified as mild, moderate or severe. However, victims of a mild traumatic brain injuries can suffer side effects just as catastrophic as victims who suffered severe trauma, as these levels mostly correlate to the amount of time that a person lost consciousness.

Teenagers more likely to cause an auto accident, data shows

Practice makes perfect is a phrase that is likely familiar to most people in Pennsylvania. Mastering nearly any skill takes immense amounts of practice and effort, and driving is no exception. Since drivers typically cannot obtain drivers' licenses until their late teenage years, teenagers make up a significant number of the inexperienced drivers on the roads. As such, that age group has a higher likelihood of causing an auto accident

Statistics point out that teens are especially at risk for causing wrecks in the months immediately following receiving their licenses. Data from 2012 revealed that over 2,800 teenagers were killed from injuries suffered in wrecks. Of those who were killed, approximately 54 percent were behind the wheel. The remaining 46 percent were passengers and about half of those individuals were passengers in cars that were also being driven by teenagers.

Widow blames hospital for man's death, claims medical malpractice

Victims of car accidents in Pennsylvania often require medical attention following a wreck. For those seriously or catastrophically injured, a trip to the hospital is typically necessary. When health care is not provided in a timely matter, the result can be fatal. A medical malpractice suit filed by a widow claims that an out-of-state hospital failed to provide that care, resulting in her husband's death.

The victim was riding a motorcycle at the time of the accident, leaving him particularly vulnerable to injury. By the time that the emergency responders showed up, his widow says that he was already experiencing a significant amount of pain in both his chest and his abdomen. They ultimately transported him to the hospital, although at that point his health was already going downhill. 

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