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Drinking and driving may cause wrongful death in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, as in many states throughout the country, drinking and driving is all too common. The consequences that can result from impairment behind the wheel are truly heartbreaking. Motor vehicle collisions involving one or many cars can result in damaged property, personal injury or wrongful death. A recent auto accident included a single vehicle, but has immensely altered two young people’s lives.

According to reports, an automobile carrying a 19-year-old man and woman had departed a party around four in the morning. About five minutes after they left, their car crashed into a guardrail before going airborne and slamming into a tree. Authorities have said the crash resulted from traveling well above the posted speed limit, which then made the driver unable to manage a curve in the roadway. One woman from the party also said she had seen the two drinking and even offered a ride home before they left.

Motorcyclist injured in Pennsylvania auto accident

Motorcycles provide a similar feeling to riding a bicycle, without all the effort of pedaling. Flying through the open air is an experience quite different from riding inside a motor vehicle. Many people especially enjoy traveling in this mode of transportation in the summer when the weather is sunny and warm. Unfortunately, numerous drivers in Pennsylvania fail to pay attention to motorists and cause an auto accident.

A recent automobile collision involving two vehicles occurred near an intersection. A motorcyclist had been traveling along a state road before he slowed down as he neared the intersection of his assumed destination. A Jeep that had also been moving along the roadway and was passed by the motorcycle moments prior, reportedly slammed into the back of the motorcycle. The crash of the two vehicles sent the motorcycle flying across the lanes of opposing traffic before it came to a stop.

2 motorcyclists involved in Pennsylvania auto accident

Drivers are constantly being reminded to be aware of those riding bicycles or motorcycles along the roadways. Lanes and designated parking areas have been created to provide those using bicycles with safer routes. Oftentimes, however, since motorcyclists use the same streets as those driving automobiles, they are involved in motor vehicle collisions. One recent auto accident in Pennsylvania involved not just one motorcyclist, but two.

An automobile was traveling along a highway through a Pennsylvania county early one Sunday morning. Authorities report that the car collided with two motorcyclists also traveling along the roadway. Whether they were heading the opposing or the same direction has not been reported.

Man on roadside hit in Pennsylvania auto accident

Experiencing car troubles is not something anyone wants. Having to wait with one’s vehicle on the side of a highway is not enjoyable and can feel extremely unsafe with other vehicles speeding by. Drivers on the road have to remember to watch both the road and the people, animals, vehicles or other items in the surrounding area. When drivers fail to fulfill this responsibility, lives can be lost, as a recent auto accident in Pennsylvania seems to illustrate.

A man was waiting on the rear of his vehicle on a recent Friday evening, needing help with a flat tire. As he sat there, an SUV traveled up a ramp and onto the highway. The SUV drifted off of the roadway and collided with the parked automobile, throwing the man from his car. Part of the SUV remained in the side of the vehicle following the car accident.

2 dead in Pennsylvania auto accident

Automobile races entertain a number of people as they watch professionals cruise along a track at high rates of speed. While this provides a great mode of entertainment, driving like this along roadways filled with other vehicles is dangerous. Numerous motor vehicle collisions are the result of speeding. A recent auto accident that may have been caused by speeding in Pennsylvania left two people dead.

The fatal motor vehicle accident reportedly happened after an earlier accident. The initial collision took place when a 53-year-old man slammed into the back of another automobile that was stopped at a red light. Rather than waiting for the other driver to call authorities, the man operating the car deemed responsible sped away from the scene. Authorities claim that he was traveling well above the posted speed limit and soon collided with another vehicle head-on.

Intoxication a factor in Pennsylvania auto accident

Impairment can bring an added risk to a wide variety of situations, including the operation of a motor vehicle. Driving requires a great deal of awareness, which is diminished by the presence of distractions or impairments. An auto accident in Pennsylvania appears to illustrate the tragic consequences that can come from driving under the influence for more than just the person who is believed to be intoxicated.

A 36-year-old man was traveling northbound on a state road before his vehicle reportedly crossed the line dividing lanes of opposing traffic. An automobile moving in the opposite direction attempted to avoid crashing into the other car, but could not get out of the way. The two vehicles slammed into each other head-on.

2 injured, 2 dead in Pennsylvania auto accident

Collisions that occur on the highways have heartbreaking results many times. Since the vehicles using these interstates to travel are operating at high speeds, any type of contact with another vehicle can cause immense damage. If one car merely swipes another, it can cause the vehicle to spin out of control. A recent auto accident in Pennsylvania illustrates what can happen when two cars collide head-on.

A 52-year-old woman was driving east along a highway one Friday evening with a 50-year-old passenger. The drive was going smoothly until a box van headed in the opposite direction crossed the centerline dividing the lanes of traffic. The two automobiles slammed into each other head-on; the impact of the crash sent the vehicles onto the shoulder of the roadway.

Pedestrian killed in fatal Pennsylvania auto accident

Motor vehicle collisions can occur in a variety of ways. Some involve multiple automobiles, while others involve a pedestrian or a single car. Hit-and-run accidents typically have heartbreaking results. A recent auto accident in Pennsylvania involving a pedestrian exemplifies what can happen when a car and person collide.

A 32-year-old man was traveling along a roadway one Friday evening before the collision took place. The vehicle he was driving slammed into a 19-year-old who had been walking along the street with another person. The man driving the automobile admitted to having consumed a number of beers before getting behind the wheel.

Company CEO died in Pennsylvania auto accident

Success comes in a wide variety of ways and is a rather subjective idea. However, many people in the United States are able to live full lives as they chase after the ideal American dream. No matter how blessed someone’s life is, it is still devastating when a loved one’s life is cut short. A recent auto accident in Pennsylvania has left an entire company grieving.

The 52-year-old CEO of East Penn Manufacturing Co. Inc. earned her bachelor’s degree and played a crucial role in developing better leadership and position in various markets for the company. She was the daughter of the man who founded the company decades earlier and was given the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2009. Heartbreakingly, she was killed one Friday morning.

Woman faces charges after Pennsylvania auto accident injures 3

Driving under the influence or while impaired by another substance puts everyone on the road in danger. Impairment of any kind affects the ability to react and focus much more than many would think. As one Pennsylvania auto accident appears to document, distracted or impaired driving often affects more than solely the person under the influence.

A few months ago, a motor vehicle collision occurred late in the morning on Route 252 in Pennsylvania. A 25-year-old woman from out of state had been traveling along the highway before crossing the dividing line and veering into the opposite lanes of traffic. Her vehicle slammed into a minivan head-on.

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