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Proposed device could affect medical malpractice in Pennsylvania

Many Pennsylvania residents know that an error could potentially take place while a patient is in surgery. As a result of such an error, an individual could have lasting negative effects that may have been avoided if a doctor or other staff member had not made the mistake. In such cases, some parties may wish to pursue a medical malpractice case in order to seek compensation for the negative outcomes of the mistake and hope to have enough evidence to hold the doctor and/or hospital liable.

Some hospitals in other areas have contemplated having a surgical "black box" similar to those on aircraft that track the actions of the pilot and plane. In relation to hospital procedures, this box would record the actions of a doctor during surgery or other procedures to ensure that the doctor followed the proper methods for performing the task. In theory, this recorded information could potentially help determine whether mistakes were made during surgery that may have led to a detrimental outcome for a patient.

Wrongful death claim may arise from Pennsylvania accident

When there is an accident on the roadway, traffic may be impeded as emergency crews work to take care of injured parties and clear the accident from the roadway. As a result, other travelers may need to adjust to a slower speed in the area or stop altogether. If drivers approaching the area are not paying enough attention, they may not notice that traffic has stopped, and they could potentially be involved in an accident themselves that could lead to a wrongful death.

It was reported that a similar situation took place in Pennsylvania that resulted in a chain-reaction crash. Reports stated that a driver approaching an area where an accident had happened earlier apparently failed to realize that a vehicle ahead had stopped. As a result, the approaching vehicle hit the stopped vehicle, which, in turn, collided with an SUV. The SUV then caught fire after the impact.

Wrongful death claims could stem from fatal Pennsylvania crash

When an individual does not have a driver's license and gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, a dangerous situation could be on the brink of occurring. Though a person might be underage, if he or she is involved in a fatal car accident, serious charges could still potentially be filed. The families of any victims involved may also wish to file their own wrongful death claims, and the owner of the vehicle could potentially also be held liable.

A similar situation is currently being investigated in Pennsylvania after three teenage boys were killed in an accident. It was reported that the three 15-year-old boys were in a vehicle with a 15-year-old female driver, a 16-year-old female passenger and another 15-year-old boy. The group had reportedly gone to get breakfast, and after leaving the restaurant, the driver lost control of the vehicle after one of the tires left the roadway while attempting to navigate a curve.

Medical malpractice claims possible after surgical errors

Medical mistakes made by doctors can sometimes result in serious or even fatal illnesses or injuries. This type of situation can be devastating for a patient or family members of a patient as they had likely hoped that the condition of the patient would improve rather than become worse. If Pennsylvania residents believe that they or a loved one was negatively affected by a medical error, they may wish to consider a medical malpractice claim.

Two brothers in a nearby state moved forward with such options after their mother died after a surgical error. It was reported that the woman had gone in for surgery on her spine and that the doctor asked for a certain dye that was needed during the procedure. However, the wrong dye was given to the doctor and used on the patient.

Pennsylvania accident may lead to wrongful death claims

Schools, safety information groups, drivers education courses and a number of other resources stress the idea that driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is dangerous. While many people licensed to operate a motor vehicle have heard this lesson innumerable times, the amount of car accidents and wrongful death in Pennsylvania that result from driving while intoxicated is shocking. Being impaired while behind the wheel of any automobile does not only put that person at risk, but also everyone else on the roadway.

The danger associated with driving under the influence has encouraged many people to assign a designated driver. However, this is not always the case. A recent car crash occurred mid-afternoon on a Sunday. A 56-year-old man was driving his truck along a Pennsylvania road before the vehicle left the street. The automobile, carrying the driver and one passenger, flipped numerous times.

Pennsylvania girl, 15, driver in auto accident that killed 3

Pennsylvania officials are investigating a tragedy that took the lives of three high school boys over the Labor Day holiday. They likely will file charges against the 15-year-old girl who was allegedly driving when the fatal auto accident occurred. The wreck also injured the driver and two other passengers, though none suffered serious injuries.

According to the report, the driver and a friend purportedly went to a residential development to pick up four male companions. The teens visited a local establishment for breakfast and were reportedly headed back home when the accident occurred. The state's attorney's office says that a witness has claimed to have seen the vehicle traveling at an excessive speed moments before the wreck.

Residents question road safety after deadly auto accident

Residents of Springfield, Pennsylvania are concerned about road safety after a deadly auto accident. One man died in the two-vehicle accident after his car was struck by a pickup truck. There were two passengers in the car with the deceased, both of whom required medical assistance. Police are still unsure of the factors that caused this auto accident.

Where the accident took place was along a stretch a road that has long been a source of concern for local residents. One resident who has lived near that road for 40 years has said that it is common for accidents to occur along the same stretch. It is possible that speeding drivers have become more common, making accidents more likely. It is not clear if speed was a contributing factor in this specific accident.

Wrongful death claims can comfort families in Pennsylvania

Injury and death can result from a wide variety of events and situations; some may be accidental or were even simply due to natural causes. However, the wrongful death of Americans is a tragic part of life. Pennsylvania residents who find a loved one the victim of wrongful death do not have to sit back and wonder why it happened.

Car accidents, nursing home negligence and medical malpractice are just a few areas in which wrongful death can occur. Losing a loved one in a way that could have been prevented is extremely emotional and stressful. Not only do you now have to learn to live without your loved one, but there may also be financial burdens that you will face. Making a claim may not seem like the desirable course of action while one grieves, but it can actually be a comforting step to take.

Multi-vehicle auto accident in Pennsylvania leaves 1 injured

Vehicle accidents on the road are always dangerous and can lead to injury. However, the more vehicles involved in an accident, the higher chances of the crash leading to an injury or even death in the worst-case scenario. One person was recently injured in an auto accident which involved multiple vehicles in Pennsylvania.

The incident occurred just shortly after 1:00 p.m. in late August. The authorities are still investigating the incident in order to determine what may have caused the incident. There are little details that have been released to the public regarding the crash. However, one person was reportedly airlifted to a nearby hospital in order to receive treatment for injuries sustained in the collision.

Failure to diagnose is taken seriously in Pennsylvania

Suffering from a sickness or a disease is not something anyone desires to go through. Whether it is a minor cold or something as serious as cancer, being sick is not enjoyable and is just terrible overall. In Pennsylvania and across the United States, Americans who are facing an illness typically go to a nearby doctor's office or a hospital for treatment or medication. Tragically, those who are supposed to help the sick and injured may be responsible for a failure to diagnose.

A wide variety of diseases can be misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all by professionals in the medical field. Cervical cancer is a major cause of death for women in the United States and is something for which you should be tested regularly. Unfortunately, even with testing, you may come across the issue of late detection if your doctor failed to properly perform his or her part of the testing.

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