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Ex-wrestlers say WWE did nothing to prevent brain injury

Recent accusations against nationwide sports organizations such as the NFL and WWE allege that both organizations were well aware of the danger posed to its employees and players but failed to act on that knowledge. A group of former WWE wrestlers made similar allegations in a suit that they lodged against the organization. Those in Pennsylvania who have already suffered the ill-effects of a brain injury likely understand how devastating the impact can truly be.

Wrestlers were employed with the WWE to follow mostly-scripted routines in the ring. In order to entertain the guests and viewers, wrestlers performed seriously dangerous and damaging moves with little to no protection. Commonly referred to as chair shots, some of these moves even involved using a chair to bludgeon another wrestler's head. Wrestlers were also instructed to slam various body parts against the faces of other wrestlers.

A failure to diagnose isn't just a simple mistake

When it comes to certain illnesses or disease, time is of the essence. Treatment may be needed right away to head off the spread of a disease or to prevent a serious and permanent injury. A failure to diagnose such an illness, despite the presence of troubling or obvious symptoms, can be especially devastating to Pennsylvania patients who might have otherwise had a solid chance of recovery. 

It is a doctor's duty to carefully listen to and observe all of the symptoms with which a patient presents. From there, he or she must follow the accepted standard of care by assessing the symptoms and what they could possibly indicate. From there, further testing or studies must be ordered if a cause is not obviously diagnosable.

Single mother killed in auto accident leaves 2 kids behind

Unfortunately, no matter how safely or cautiously a person may drive, tragedy can still occur due to a negligent or careless driver. A recent auto accident at a red light left one Pennsylvania woman dead and another in police custody. The victim, police say, was likely simply on her way to work when disaster struck.

The single mother of two had come to a stop at an intersection where the light had turned red. As she waited for the stop light to turn green, a rented moving truck approached her vehicle from behind, but it failed to stop and struck the car from behind. The impact was so forceful that the vehicle was slammed hundreds of feet forward before it eventually stopped.

An auto accident caused by cell phone use may not be rare

You might be hard pressed to find a person without a smartphone while walking down the street in Pennsylvania. For many, cell phones have become as ubiquitous as the fancy coffee shops that dot the street corners of most cities. Unfortunately, cell phones have also become increasingly present in the hands of drivers. Sometimes, this type of cell phone use can even contribute to an auto accident.

Over half of drivers aged 60 to 74 years old recently reported that they used a cell phone while behind the wheel of the vehicle. Drivers between the ages of 25 and 39 were found to be even more likely to whip out their phone while driving, as 82 percent claimed that they had used their cell for a phone conversation at least within the past month at the time of the survey. While age may play a role in who uses a cell phone, it's also believed that drivers who engage in other riskier behaviors, such as speeding or braking suddenly, are also more prone to engaging with a phone while driving.

Mother files medical malpractice claim for daughter's release

Like many physical illnesses or diseases, mental illnesses like depression or post-traumatic stress disorder are usually best treated and handled by prompt and efficient care by medical professionals in Pennsylvania. An out-of-state mother who believes that her teenage daughter was not adequately cared for recently filed a medical malpractice suit against the hospital where she was treated. In the suit, she claims that her daughter was released early on multiple occasions.

The 15-year-old teen girl first entered the hospital in Nov. 2012. After suffering from an undisclosed mental illness for a period of time, she had to be picked up by police after she ran away from her home. Although the mother requested that her daughter be evaluated by a knowledgeable psychiatrist, the teen was released twice without ever having spoken to one. She apparently then returned home with her mother.

Fatal Pennsylvania crash may result in wrongful death claim

Many parents do not wish to think about potentially losing a child, especially not at a young age. Regrettably, many young lives are lost every year due to car accidents. If a parent does lose a child in such a manner, he or she may have cause to file a wrongful death claim against the driver or other party considered at fault. Such a claim could help parents pursue compensation for their loss.

Parents of a 19-year-old girl may be considering such options after the girl was killed in a Pennsylvania accident. It was reported that a vehicle with a 23-year-old driver was traveling west when the vehicle hit a guardrail. The crash caused it to then travel into the eastbound lane where it collided head-on with the 19-year-old driver's vehicle.

Pennsylvania valet suffers possible brain injury after being hit

Any time a person is hit on the head or otherwise suffers a head injury, the situation should be taken very seriously. A brain injury could easily result from head trauma, and an individual could be severely affected for a considerable amount of time after such an event. If the injury occurs due to a car accident, the injured party may have cause to file a personal injury claim against the driver considered responsible.

A valet in Pennsylvania recently suffered a head injury after being hit by a car. It was reported that the situation began when a woman driving a vehicle stopped to ask a valet for assistance. When a valet approached the vehicle, she attempted to take his cell phone. A second individual approached to check on the situation, and the driver attempted to flee, striking the second valet with the vehicle.

Pennsylvania hospitals may be at risk for medical malpractice

Infections are serious matters that can lead to severe illness and, in some cases death, for individuals who are affected. Therefore, when a Pennsylvania resident contracts an infection after a hospital visit, the situation can be unsettling. If additional illness or injury is an outcome of a hospital visit due to a doctor's mistake or other error, a patient may wish to look into medical malpractice claims.

It was recently reported that many hospitals have been faced with penalties due to infections and other injuries resulting from visits. Pennsylvania Hospital and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania were among the 721 hospitals that were considered to have high rates of infection, injury and other mistakes. Hospitals were examined for infection and injury rates and rated on a 10-point scale. If a hospital rated higher than a seven, it was penalized.

Severe auto accident claims multiple lives in Pennsylvania

When drivers are young, they may believe that operating a vehicle at high speeds is a thrill. However, they may not consider that traveling at excessive speeds also poses considerable risks for an auto accident and serious injuries. Colliding with another vehicle or other object while traveling at high speeds could quickly turn into a fatal incident.

A serious situation involving excessive speed recently took place in Pennsylvania and caused three deaths. It was reported that a vehicle had apparently left the roadway and collided with a tree. The impact was so severe that only the underside of the vehicle was visible, and it is likely that passing drivers did not recognize it as a crashed vehicle. The incident was reported at approximately 7 a.m., but it is believed that the accident took place earlier.

Wrongful death: Pennsylvania teens die in serious crash

Car accidents in which speed is considered a factor often have outcomes that can leave individuals feeling devastated. Some drivers may not be able to keep vehicles under control if they are traveling at high rates of speed, and the possibility of colliding with another vehicle could be high. These types of collisions too often leave loved ones dealing with the loss of a family member and potentially hoping to gain recompense through wrongful death claims.

Parents in Pennsylvania may be considering such claims after four teenagers were killed in a collision. It was reported that there were two 16-year-old boys and a 13-year-old girl who were passengers in a vehicle being driven by a 17-year-old boy. The vehicle that the teens occupied was involved in a head-on crash with another vehicle, but details on how the accident took place where not available.

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