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Pennsylvania auto accident leads to fatality, critical injuries

Running out of gas can be a considerable hindrance to many drivers. The majority of individuals often take the steps to ensure that they have plenty of gas for their travels, but unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can lead to unexpected situations. If a driver must stop on the side of the road and put extra fuel into a car, passing drivers could pose a serious hazard, and an auto accident could result.

A similar situation recently led to a fatal accident in Pennsylvania. It was reported that a man and his 18-year-old daughter were stopped next to an interstate off-ramp while trying to put gas into their vehicle. As they were doing so, a passing vehicle struck the individuals, which resulted in serious injuries.

Pennsylvania man files claim after suffering brain injury

When a person's head suffers a considerable impact, serious injuries could occur. A head or brain injury could be the outcome of a fall, blow to the head or other situation in which the head comes in contact with an object. In some cases, the circumstances that led to an individual suffering such an injury may have been preventable. As a result, an injured party may wish to consider seeking compensation.

A Pennsylvania resident is currently taking legal steps after suffering a concussion and other injuries. The man is a truck driver, and he states that the condition of a truck's hand rail contributed to his falling and striking his head. The report states that the rail was bent away from the truck rather than properly attached, and when the man used it for support when exiting the truck, he fell.

Hit-and-run could lead to wrongful death case in Pennsylvania

When a vehicle leaves the scene of an accident, it can be a top priority to find that vehicle. Vehicles can hold evidence that may allow authorities to determine whether a driver was involved in a fatal event. Once a suspected vehicle has been found, an investigation may be able to continue more quickly, and the family of a victim involved in a hit-and-run accident may be able to determine whether pursuing a civil case for wrongful death may be an option.

A hit-and-run accident recently took place in Pennsylvania that involved a pedestrian. It was reported that a 19-year-old girl had been dropped off for an overnight shift at work when she was unable to enter the establishment. As a result, she walked toward the highway where she was hit by a vehicle. The vehicle involved did not stop.

Medical malpractice claims could stem from premature births

When a Pennsylvania resident is pregnant, she may take extra precautions when it comes to her health and the health of the unborn child. As a result, when a medical procedure is performed by a professional and the procedure is done incorrectly or otherwise leads to adverse effects for the child, a mother-to-be may wish to consider legal options. Filing a medical malpractice claim could possibly lead to compensation for damages.

A woman in another state is currently pursuing a case due to what she believes was a medical procedure that was performed incorrectly. The woman had gone into surgery for an appendectomy, and before the procedure, she found out she was 3 weeks pregnant. The surgery was performed, but the woman's abdominal pain reoccurred when she was 23 weeks pregnant.

Unusual circumstances lead to fatal Pennsylvania auto accident

When drivers are hauling trailers that may have another vehicle or other items on it, it is important that those items and the trailer itself are secure. If something being pulled by another vehicle loses a part or entirely comes loose, a serious auto accident could take place. Drivers may attempt to avoid the loose object or the object could collide with an unsuspecting driver's vehicle.

A similar situation recently took place in Pennsylvania. It was reported that a work truck was pulling a trailer when one of the tires on the trailer came loose. The tire traveled into the southbound lanes of Route 28 traffic and went through the windshield of a vehicle. The driver of the truck pulling the trailer apparently did not know that the tire came loose and continued traveling.

Wrongful death claim may be option after Pennsylvania accident

As winter weather moves in across Pennsylvania and other parts of the country, drivers may be more concerned about the safety of their travels. Some parties may choose to take alternative routes that keep them on highways and interstate roadways rather than narrower roads that may pose more danger. However, all roadways can pose the risk of being the scene of a fatal accident that could lead to a wrongful death claim.

Two individuals from another state were killed in an accident in Pennsylvania. The crash took place on I-80 and involved the couple's vehicle and two tractor trailers. It was reported that one of the trucks was either slowing or stopped in front of the couple's vehicle, and the other truck was approaching from behind. The approaching truck did not slow in time and collided with the couple's vehicle.

Medical malpractice suit filed after stroke during surgery

Pennsylvania residents who suffer conditions that require surgery would naturally experience anxiety. However, having successful surgery on a previous occasion may set a patient's mind at ease. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during surgical procedures, and if medical professionals fail to react in an appropriate manner, consequences may be devastating. A patient from another state who claims to be the victim of such negligence during a surgical procedure recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The man claims to have been suffering from chest pains since 2003. He received treatment for acid reflux at a health center, but, after consulting with another doctor, he was diagnosed with blocked cardiac arteries and underwent successful cardiac surgery. His condition apparently needed ongoing monitoring and, in 2009, he started seeing a different doctor at an infirmary. The plaintiff alleges that the physician failed to carry out the required cardiac monitoring, and his chest pains recurred. Upon the patient's request, he was referred to a cardiologist.

Family files medical malpractice claim after daughter's death

Pennsylvania residents whose medical condition necessitates emergency medical care naturally expect to receive care of a reasonable standard from medical professionals. However, as described in a case from another state, this is not always the case. A 21-year-old woman's parents recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against several doctors and a medical center after the alleged wrongful death of their daughter three days after she visited an emergency room.

The complaint states that the young woman suffered a loss of appetite and abdominal pain, along with nausea and vomiting for approximately 14 days before seeking medical care at the emergency room of the defendant medical center. After an ultrasound, one doctor apparently found nothing to be abnormal, while another physician concluded that the patient's liver was intensely inflamed. After she was transferred to intensive care, the diagnosis was liver failure and a swollen brain, and her condition was reported to be critical. An emergency alert was sent to a neurologist who allegedly failed to react timely, and upon eventual arrival, allowed an assistant physician to incorrectly insert an intracranial monitor.

Man pleads guilty in fatal Pennsylvania auto accident

When an individual is the victim of a drunk driving accident, he or she may feel fortunate to have survived such an ordeal. Sadly, not all parties are able to live through an auto accident involving a drunk driver, and family and friends can be left distraught over their loss. In situations like this, family members may want to look into civil claims that they could potentially file against a driver considered responsible.

The family of a Pennsylvania pedestrian may be determining whether they want to follow through with a claim after a driver recently pleaded guilty to DUI. It was reported that the man was driving a vehicle when he hit two pedestrians. The vehicle was apparently traveling 20 mph over the speed limit for the area in which the individuals were walking.

Failure to diagnose cases may come about in Pennsylvania

Suffering from an illness or injury can be a stressful experience for any Pennsylvania resident. Many often go to their doctors in hopes of gaining a diagnosis that will help them better understand their situation and potential treatment. However, failure to diagnose the correct issue could cause further problems for the patient, and that individual may consider legal action. As a result, it is important to understand how to approach a case.

A similar situation recently took place due to a plaintiff believing that her doctor failed to correctly diagnose a knee injury. She was treated by the doctor after she suffered pain in her knee due to falling. However, that doctor reportedly failed to diagnose an infection in the knee, which led to the woman filing her claim against the doctor.

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