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Pennsylvania families may consider wrongful death claims

An accident involving a semi-truck has the potential to create a considerable amount of damage. Such an accident can also pose the risk of individuals suffering serious or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, similar outcomes are not uncommon when a big rig is involved in a collision with smaller vehicles, and if fatalities occur, wrongful death claims could also result.

A recent multi-car accident in Pennsylvania unfortunately had fatal results. It was reported that a semi-truck collided with the rear of a car that contained four occupants and also crashed into the rear of a pickup truck. The accident apparently occurred at an intersection where a traffic light is present. Specific information on how the crash happened was not detailed in the report.

Medical malpractice suit may interest Pennsylvania residents

When a Pennsylvania resident is ill, they may question whether they should take part in any traveling. In some cases, individuals may consult with their doctors in order to have their input and advice on the situation. Professional physicians are often able to inform a patient whether it would be safe to travel depending on their condition. If a doctor does deem it acceptable for an individual to travel and that person's condition declines, a medical malpractice suit could potentially result.

The widow of Oscar-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch is currently in the process of filing such a claim after her husband's death. The composer had been in need of a kidney transplant, which his doctor had apparently failed to previously diagnose. It was reported that Hamlisch's doctor had stated that it was fine for the composer to travel, though Hamlisch did apparently display symptoms of potential illness.

Pennsylvania auto accident leads to woman's death

When traveling on the Interstate, drivers must be aware of not only their actions but the actions of the drivers around them. There are many hazards that could arise while on the roadway, including another vehicle in a driver's blind spot or another car suddenly changing lanes. In such cases, a driver may have to react quickly in order to avoid an auto accident. Unfortunately, not all individuals are able to escape such an event.

An accident on a stretch of Interstate in Pennsylvania recently led to one driver's death. The situation took place when the driver was traveling south and another vehicle changed lanes suddenly. The driver of this second vehicle moved in front of the first driver and then pressed the brakes. This action apparently led to the driver of the second vehicle hitting the guardrail along the road, which resulted in her vehicle flipping multiple times.

Occupants killed, seriously injured in Pennsylvania auto accident

Going to party with friends can often be the highlight of someone's week. Unfortunately, that highlight can turn into a nightmare if an auto accident occurs. An individual who was having an enjoyable time only a short while earlier could easily become seriously or even fatally injured in a crash if a driver suddenly loses control of the vehicle.

A similar situation recently took place in Pennsylvania that regrettably proved fatal. It was reported that there were four individuals in an SUV when the driver apparently lost control. The vehicle left the roadway, overturned multiple times and crashed into a home that was reportedly abandoned. It was noted that the individuals had attended a party earlier in the evening and had been on their way home.

Pennsylvania auto accident results in multiple injuries

At times, being a good driver may mean attempting to anticipate the actions of other drivers on the roadways. By paying attention to other vehicles and the possible actions of drivers, individuals may be able to avoid a car accident. Unfortunately, not all actions and factors can be predicted, and if a driver unexpectedly turns or a vehicle is traveling at a higher rate of speed than initially believed, an auto accident could take place.

A recent accident in Pennsylvania involved a car and a pickup truck, and individuals in both vehicles were injured. It was reported that the driver of the car was attempting to make a left turn when her vehicle was hit by an approaching pickup truck. Additional details on the accident were not disclosed, and it is uncertain whether speed or other factors may have contributed to the collision.

Pennsylvania residents may wonder about medical malpractice cases

Individuals who have been left injured or ill due to a medical error may feel that they should be awarded compensation for the mistake. As a result, parties may file medical malpractice claims in order to seek that restitution. Because many states have caps on what a jury can award for such a claim, some parties may not receive as much compensation as they may have hoped. In other cases, simply filing a claim may be difficult in itself.

Pennsylvania does not have medical malpractice caps, but individuals who wish to file a suit may find themselves facing difficulties. It was reported that parties who file claims may have certain aspects of their cases criticized, such as where they chose to have their medical procedure done. These procedures were reportedly put into effect in hopes of deterring the number of claims filed.

Failure to diagnose an illness may mean Pennsylvania legal action

It is not uncommon for Pennsylvania residents to notice signs and symptoms that could potentially lead to them becoming ill. As a result, you may visit your doctor in order to find out what could be causing the symptoms you are experiencing. Unfortunately, not all cases are diagnosed correctly, and the failure to diagnose an illness could potentially lead to further harm. In such a situation, you may wish to consider your legal options.

In some cases, a serious illness may be able to be treated if it is caught early enough. If a doctor does not adequately assess your situation, and an illness is left untreated, your doctor could potentially be held liable. As a result, you may wish to consider filing a claim that could help you seek compensation for medical bills and pain and suffer that may have resulted from your undiagnosed illness.

Young girl seriously injured after Pennsylvania auto accident

A hit-and-run accident is a situation that too many individuals find themselves the victims of. In such cases, a driver has left the scene of an incident that could potentially have resulted in serious injuries and in someone needing immediate medical attention. If such an auto accident involves a young pedestrian, parents and other loved ones may feel as if they are in nightmare and hope that the authorities can locate the driver involved.

A similar situation recently took place in Pennsylvania when a child was struck by a vehicle. It was reported that a 7-year-old girl was apparently attempting to cross a street when she was hit by an SUV. The driver of the SUV did not remain on the scene, but a witness followed the vehicle and recorded the tag number, which the witness then gave to the authorities.

Wrongful death claim results from Pennsylvania patient's death

When a relative dies in the hospital, the surviving loved ones may want to ensure that the doctors, nurses and other staff performed their duties to the best of their abilities while caring for the patient. If the family suspects any wrongdoing on the part of hospital staff, they could potentially have cause to file a claim. Medical mistakes or negligence that led to the death of a patient could result in wrongful death cases.

A family in Pennsylvania recently filed such a suit after their loved one died while in the care of hospital staff. It was reported that the woman was admitted to the hospital due to a chronic disease, and she was later readmitted after reportedly falling in her bathroom. It was unclear how long the patient had been staying at the hospital before her death.

Pennsylvania auto accident has devastating results

Speed limits are put in place on roadways in order to help drivers maintain a safe speed for traveling. If drivers exceed these limits and attempt to perform certain driving maneuvers, they could potentially be involved in a severe auto accident. Such accidents could then spark a chain reaction that leads to multiple vehicles being involved and numerous injuries resulting from the crash.

Similar circumstances reportedly led to a fatal multi-car accident in Pennsylvania. It was reported that the driver of a vehicle attempted to pass another vehicle while traveling at a high rate speed. Unfortunately, the driver lost control when maneuvering back into the proper lane. As a result, the vehicle crashed into another vehicle and flipped onto its side before hitting a third vehicle. A fourth automobile then struck the third car involved.

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