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Victim says he lost surgery opportunity after failure to diagnose

A timely diagnosis can be essential in treating Pennsylvania patients for treating serious injuries. A failure to diagnose an out-of-state patient's fracture might have led to further complications, continual pain and a less favorable outcome. In a medical malpractice suit filed against multiple defendants who oversaw his care, he alleges that he did not find out about the fracture until over a year had passed since he first sought treatment for significant pain.

The patient developed serious chest pain a mere two weeks after being treated for broken ribs from a serious fall. After two more weeks passed, the pain had progressed significantly, rendering him unable to walk or even change positions on his own. Additionally, breathing had become painful and difficult. After being transported to the hospital by ambulance in Dec. 2011, he reported this pain as well as a pulling sensation in his chest and ribs. He underwent several scans and X-rays, but the medical professionals who reviewed the scans allegedly missed a fracture in his spine.

Anesthesia injuries require medical malpractice action

Thanks to the development of anesthesia, surgeries and other medical procedures can proceed in the most efficient and least painful way possible. There is little doubt that, when used properly, anesthesia is an enormously beneficial tool in a surgeon's kit. However, when proper care and consideration is not taken, anesthesia use can have a devastating effect on patients, and the resulting injuries often require a properly litigated medical malpractice claim to address the related damages.

Pennsylvania patients who underwent a successful surgery but suffered serious ill-effects of improper anesthesia use likely understand how serious these types of injuries can be. Many of the related injuries are suffered in the brain, which can impact every aspect of a victim's life. From serious brain trauma to permanent brain damage, anesthesia injuries are a serious matter.

Auto accident with Pittsburgh doughnut store injures 2

While purchasing breakfast from a local doughnut store, multiple Pittsburgh residents became the unsuspecting victims of a car wreck. Authorities plan to charge the driver who caused the collision with reckless driving. Those who were injured in the auto accident may also choose to pursue civil claims for damages against the man. 

There is currently no indication that the driver was under the influence at the time of the wreck, and he claims that he was simply panicked when he drove his van into the doughnut store. According to his account, he was attempting to pass a car in front of him, but noticed a vehicle in the oncoming lane before he could complete the pass. Instead of merging back into his own lane, he veered off of the road and straight into the side of the building. 

Who can be held liable for medical malpractice?

The aftermath of a serious instance of medical malpractice can be a confusing time for victims and their families. Victims in Pennsylvania may understand that a medical malpractice suit may be an option for receiving just compensation, but the process can seem overwhelming at first. For instance, some victims may be unsure of whom to hold responsible.

In medical malpractice claims, multiple liable parties can be named. A health care professional who acted negligently may be an obvious party, but he or she may not be the only liable party. Hospitals are responsible for making sure that all employees hold the correct and necessary licenses for practicing medicine. A hospital must also take reasonable care when looking into an applicant's credentials. 

Emergency room errors call for medical malpractice suits

When a serious or catastrophic injury or illness occurs that is outside the treatment ability of a regular health care provider, one of the first courses of action is to report to the emergency room. With the proper response from emergency room workers, injured patients typically have a more favorable outcome or a better shot at the best recovery possible. Unfortunately, not all Pennsylvania emergency rooms uphold the accepted standards of care when treating patients in need of emergency care, and some patients fall victim to medical malpractice.

There is little denying that emergency rooms must work promptly and efficiently to ensure the proper care of all patients, but this can lead to doctors and nurses actually working too quickly, and spending too little time on individual patients. It might be easy for a rushed doctor to dismiss your symptoms or for a nurse to ignore continued complaints in this type of environment. One of the hallmarks of an excellent health care provider is the ability to give each and every patient the true attention that they need while keeping up with the rapid pace of care that emergency rooms require. 

Patient says failure to diagnose led to permanent disfigurement

Relationships between patients and doctors in Pennsylvania typically require a careful balance of trust on the part of both parties. An attending doctor must trust that his or her patient is reporting symptoms to the best of his or her ability, while patients must trust that doctors are actually paying attention to the injuries or illnesses that they are suffering. A breakdown on either side of this equation can result in the failure to diagnose a serious condition and can cause serious pain and suffering for the patient.

When a man originally sought care for some distressing pain, he believed that he was possibly suffering from a boil on his buttocks. After reporting his pain and symptoms to his doctor, the man says he was never actually examined. The outcome of the initial visit is unclear, and it is not known if there was an alternate diagnosis or course of action implemented. 

Brain injury common concern for many NFL players

About 25 former NFL players are currently suing the league for damages related to various brain injuries. Despite safety equipment that players wear, it has long been known that the constant physical blows involved in football can be serious contributors to brain injury. One Pennsylvania expert agrees, noting specific concern for players who start participating in the sport at a young age.

Of particular concern for football players or participants in other high-contact sports is chronic traumatic encephalopathy -- CTE. It appears that even some of the players are more concerned with the seriousness of this type of brain injury than the NFL, as Chris Borland -- a linebacker for the 49ers -- opted to retire after only a year on the field. Citing concerns over the possibility of suffering a debilitating brain injury, he will have to pay the NFL approximately half a million dollars to presumably satisfy the remainder of his contract.

Family fights for justice over son's brain injury

It's common for Pennsylvania parents to envision a happy and successful future for their children, even while the mother is still pregnant. Unfortunately, one family likely will never witness any of that for their 17-year-old son. The boy suffered a brain injury during his delivery, and his family believes that the attending obstetrician is to blame. 

When the boy's mother went into labor, she claims that it took approximately 10 hours for her OB to even show up at the hospital. Furthermore, she claims that he was discussing the state of his car on a cellphone when he entered the room. Apparently, he seemed less concerned with her and her unborn son's safety than with his broken down vehicle. 

Police track down driver accused of fatal auto accident

Whether for health reasons, a love of the great outdoors or the lack of a personal vehicle, pedestrians are an everyday reality in Pennsylvania. Both motorists and pedestrians must share the road in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. When one side of the equation fails to take into account the safety needs of all those involved, an auto accident can occur.

A 62-year-old woman and her sister were walking on the shoulder of the road when a car approached them. Sadly, that vehicle struck them both, resulting in a devastating accident that caused catastrophic injuries. The 62-year-old victim died instantly due to the impact, while her sister suffered injuries and was transported to a local area hospital.

Auto accident victims deserve more than insurance company offers

Barring a few exceptions, it is exceptionally difficult, if not downright impossible, to get around most places in Pennsylvania without using some type of motor vehicle transportation. Because driving is such a necessary aspect of life for most people, it might be easy to assume that the majority of drivers are experienced and cautious behind the wheel. Sadly, we know that this is just not the case. If you have ever been in an auto accident, you understand just how terrifying it can be.

Car accidents are more than just scary -- they can have lifelong effects. Even wrecks that do not seem too serious can wreak havoc on a victim's body. Neck injuries are especially common and can impact a person's ability to carry out even the simplest of daily tasks. 

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