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Teenager spoke her first word more than a year after brain injury

When a child's whole life is tragically affected by a brain injury sustained in a car accident, the family will require extra endurance and love in order to cope with the situation. Pennsylvania readers of this blog may sympathize with a teenage girl from another state. Showing a positive attitude may be the best way for the family to manage their own stress and that of the person with brain injury. Wanting to walk and express her concerns as before naturally caused high levels of anxiety, which in this case, was impossible.

According to police reports, a teenage girl was struck from behind by a truck while she was walking in another state in Feb.2013. The driver of the truck raced off without stopping. The young girl sustained brain injury and had to spend months in a medical facility before being allowed to go home to continue her recovery. She had lost the ability to walk and was unable to communicate at all. Her mother was happy to report that her daughter was making good progress.

Veterans' families receive wrongful death payouts

Serious injury can occur to some patients during instances when healthcare providers fail to provide adequate medical attention. Apparently, some veterans who turned to the VA for help later in life received the exact opposite. In Pennsylvania, several wrongful death payments have been doled out to the grieving families of medically neglected veterans.

One such instance occurred at a Pennsylvania based VA center. An anticoagulation therapy was not administered to a veteran before undergoing gallbladder surgery. As a result, the patient experienced a blood clot and died. In a separate incident, a veteran was not notified of a mass that was located on his lungs. When he was eventually made aware of the situation, the mass turned out to be lung cancer that had spread throughout his body.

Missing driver found after leaving 3 victims at an auto accident

When Pennsylvania residents learn about severely injured loved ones who have been admitted to a hospital, they are typically shocked and traumatized. Furthermore, if the driver of the car who carried the injured victims is at large, many questions may remain unanswered. This was the situation for family members of three victims of an auto accident that occurred in the early hours of a recent Thursday morning.

Police were called to the scene of an accident on Route 982 in Fayette County where a vehicle crashed into a signpost. Upon arrival, they found three injured victims trapped inside the car. The victims were extricated by rescue workers and airlifted to hospitals in the vicinity. Their injuries were reported to be major, with the condition of one victim said to be severe.

Pennsylvania hit and run may lead to wrongful death claim

A Pennsylvania father who had a very close relationship with his son is devastated after the son was killed in a hit and run accident on Feb. 20. His anguish is heightened by the fact that there remain so many questions, as the driver of the car that allegedly killed him is still at large. After such a seemingly wrongful death, the family of the deceased victim often finds it difficult to achieve some sense of justice and move forward.

According to media reports, the 51-year-old man briefly visited a friend in the vicinity of his residence on the night of the fatal accident. When he left, he crossed the road diagonally, heading toward a driveway where the snow mound was not so high. Another driver reported noticing the pedestrian and the speeding vehicle that was approaching. The man was knocked down, and the driver apparently continued without stopping.

Hospital sued for medical malpractice after causing severe injury

A man who was once in national newspapers facing possible deportation is now making Pennsylvania and other headlines again after his family decided to sue for medical malpractice. The student from another country was riding as a passenger in a car that unfortunately hit a deer. In addition to being comatose for a few months, he also suffered from serious facial and head trauma. As if that wasn't enough, the hospital where he was being treated for his injuries may have made the situation worse, and his family is now suing them for medical malpractice.

The young man now faces permanent injuries and is considered disabled, his family claims. This was apparently due to an error that may have been prevented. Reports from the family claim that the hospital did not ensure that the young man's airway was clear. The loss of oxygen caused him to face permanent brain damage.

Charges filed in Pennsylvania auto accident that killed passenger

On March 1, a single car crash took the life of one passenger and sent another to the hospital. According to Pennsylvania authorities investigating the auto accident, the driver was traveling too fast to properly control the vehicle as he tried to navigate a curve. The vehicle ended up careening off the road, and the rear passenger side of the vehicle slammed into a tree. The fatally injured passenger was killed on impact.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was able to get out of the vehicle under his own power. The front seat passenger was not so lucky. Not only was she trapped in the vehicle, but she also suffered moderate injuries. After emergency personnel freed her from the wreckage, she was taken to an area hospital by helicopter. Her updated condition was not reported.

Pennsylvania accident could lead to wrongful death claim

Traffic rules and regulations are put in place to better ensure the safety of those traveling the roadways. If drivers do not abide by these posted regulations, they could be at risk of being involved in a serious car accident. If the accident results in a fatality, the driver deemed responsible could soon be facing a wrongful death suit.

A driver in Pennsylvania could potentially be in such a situation after a passenger in his vehicle died. According to reports, the vehicle which the two men were in was traveling at an excessive rate of speed when the driver reportedly lost control. The vehicle then struck a fire hydrant, a dumpster and continued until it hit a bank drive-thru.

Pennsylvania man may face wrongful death claim after guilty plea

A Pennsylvania man is under house arrest and awaiting sentencing that is scheduled for early June. The 33-year-old man's recent guilty plea to vehicular homicide and other charges stems from a fatal accident that occurred in June 2013. In addition to a likely prison sentence, the man may also be facing a civil claim of wrongful death in civil court.

The criminal complaint states that the man, driving a pickup truck, crossed into the lanes of traffic that were travelling in the opposite direction just before 9 a.m. one morning. An approaching motorcyclist was unable to avoid a collision and smashed into the pickup truck. The defendant allegedly told other people passing by that he happened upon the injured man while he was out looking for his pet. He was reported to have continued on his way at that time, saying that he had to find his pet. The motorcycle driver was taken to a hospital but died later.

Untimely death of Pennsylvania Diocese worker in auto accident

A community in Pennsylvania is mourning the untimely death of a newlywed Diocese worker. The 28-year old man lost his life in a freak auto accident on a recent Friday morning. His young bride will most likely be facing financial hardship after losing the loss of his financial contribution to the household. In addition, finding closure after losing her husband so soon after their wedding could be very challenging.

It was reported that a southbound bus was turning left at an intersection on Route 8 in Hampton Township when a northbound pickup truck crashed into it. The impact caused the bus to land on top of the victim's car, which was waiting at a traffic light. The young man was taken to a local medical center, but he was declared dead upon arrival.

Insurer stuck with $18 million bad faith tab on auto accident

An insurance company's bad faith refusal to settle can put the company on the line for covering the total value of the plaintiff's injuries. A dramatic example of that legal principle was demonstrated in a recent announcement of a settlement approved by the Lawrence County courts in the amount of $18 million to care for an auto accident victim who suffered catastrophic injuries. An insurance company based in Pennsylvania is paying the settlement due to its earlier refusal to pay the insurance proceeds on its policy.

If the Erie Insurance Exchange had paid the total of $300,000 of insurance coverage that it was liable for, it would not have had to ultimately pay the $18 million. The case stems from an auto accident that occurred on Feb. 22, 2003. The 15-year-old victim was a passenger in a car driven by his brother. The brother, who was 17, lost control of the car on a wet roadway and struck a steel pole.

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