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Man pleads guilty in fatal Pennsylvania auto accident

When an individual is the victim of a drunk driving accident, he or she may feel fortunate to have survived such an ordeal. Sadly, not all parties are able to live through an auto accident involving a drunk driver, and family and friends can be left distraught over their loss. In situations like this, family members may want to look into civil claims that they could potentially file against a driver considered responsible.

The family of a Pennsylvania pedestrian may be determining whether they want to follow through with a claim after a driver recently pleaded guilty to DUI. It was reported that the man was driving a vehicle when he hit two pedestrians. The vehicle was apparently traveling 20 mph over the speed limit for the area in which the individuals were walking.

Failure to diagnose cases may come about in Pennsylvania

Suffering from an illness or injury can be a stressful experience for any Pennsylvania resident. Many often go to their doctors in hopes of gaining a diagnosis that will help them better understand their situation and potential treatment. However, failure to diagnose the correct issue could cause further problems for the patient, and that individual may consider legal action. As a result, it is important to understand how to approach a case.

A similar situation recently took place due to a plaintiff believing that her doctor failed to correctly diagnose a knee injury. She was treated by the doctor after she suffered pain in her knee due to falling. However, that doctor reportedly failed to diagnose an infection in the knee, which led to the woman filing her claim against the doctor.

Pennsylvania fatal accident may lead to wrongful death claim

Many individuals may be aware that a car accident could easily take place when vehicles are traveling. However, serious accidents can also involve vehicles that are not moving at the time. Other drivers may not realize that cars have stopped for whatever reason, and any collision that results could potentially cause a fatal accident. In such a situation, a wrongful death claim commenced by a deceased victim's surviving family may be appropriate.

The family of an 86-year-old man has the right to consider such a claim after the man was recently killed in a Pennsylvania accident. It was reported that the man was stopped behind at least two other vehicles in an exit lane on Interstate 83 when his vehicle was hit from behind. The impact apparently caused his vehicle to then collide with the car in front, which led to that car also hitting another vehicle.

Pennsylvania woman files claim after auto accident led to injury

When a party is seriously injured in a car accident, he or she may wonder how the medical bills will be taken care of. Medical expenses and other resulting damages can lead to individuals facing considerable hardships and major changes in their lifestyle. As a result, some parties may wish to consider their legal options if they have been severely injured in an auto accident.

A Pennsylvania woman is currently seeking a case against a truck driver and a trucking company after she was seriously injured in a crash. It was reported that the woman had gotten out of her vehicle due to having been involved in a separate collision. While she was outside the vehicle, a tractor-trailer jackknifed and hit several vehicles, which caused one of those vehicles to hit the woman.

Trooper's possible brain injury blamed on car accident

One state trooper in Pennsylvania recently suffered an injury to his head and other areas of his body following an accident. He is expected to spend multiple weeks in a medical facility recovering from his many injuries. Unfortunately, when a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, the consequences can last for years -- and even a lifetime.

The accident happened when the on-the-job trooper was picking up trash on a street after it was reported that wooden pallet pieces were in the road. He was suddenly hit by an SUV, officials reported. He had to undergo two surgeries as a result of the collision, police said.

Family may consider wrongful death claim after Illinois fatality

Being involved in a hit-and-run accident can be a situation that leaves a victim very shaken. Unfortunately, this type of accident can sometimes result in a fatality, and in that case, it is the family of the victim that is left shocked and looking for answers. If an individual is killed in such an accident, their surviving loved ones may wish to consider pursuing a wrongful death case when the other driver is located.

It was recently reported that a similar accident took place in Pennsylvania. The report stated that a woman was on a bicycle when she was struck by what authorities believe to have been a commercial vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle did not remain on the scene of the accident, which took place at approximately 9 a.m.

Injury-causing auto accident caught on video in Pennsylvania

At one point or another, many drivers may have been concerned over the seemingly reckless actions of other drivers. They may witness vehicles swerving or traveling at high rates of speed and be concerned that an auto accident may take place. In many cases, a crash does take place, and the reckless driving of an individual could potentially be considered a contributing factor.

A serious accident in Pennsylvania was recently caught on camera by two individuals in a work truck. It was reported that the SUV in front of the truck had been traveling erratically, which caused the passenger in the truck to start recording. The video shows the SUV swerving to the outside edges of the lane as well as crossing over into the opposite lanes of traffic, causing other drivers to move over in order to avoid the vehicle.

Pennsylvania parents may be concerned over brain injury risks

Having a child born healthy is often the hope of many Pennsylvania parents-to-be. They may take whatever precautions they can in order to do their part in working toward maintaining the health of their child. Though parents may make extra efforts when it comes to their developing child, they cannot control every aspect of the pregnancy and birth. If a doctor error is made, a child could potentially suffer a brain injury.

A situation in another state may be of interest as it involves a similar situation. It was reported that a case was filed against a hospital where a now 5-year-old boy had been delivered. The report stated that the young child has cerebral palsy, which documents claimed was the result of mistakes on the part of the hospital and staff attending to the birth.

Pennsylvania families may consider wrongful death claims

An accident involving a semi-truck has the potential to create a considerable amount of damage. Such an accident can also pose the risk of individuals suffering serious or fatal injuries. Unfortunately, similar outcomes are not uncommon when a big rig is involved in a collision with smaller vehicles, and if fatalities occur, wrongful death claims could also result.

A recent multi-car accident in Pennsylvania unfortunately had fatal results. It was reported that a semi-truck collided with the rear of a car that contained four occupants and also crashed into the rear of a pickup truck. The accident apparently occurred at an intersection where a traffic light is present. Specific information on how the crash happened was not detailed in the report.

Medical malpractice suit may interest Pennsylvania residents

When a Pennsylvania resident is ill, they may question whether they should take part in any traveling. In some cases, individuals may consult with their doctors in order to have their input and advice on the situation. Professional physicians are often able to inform a patient whether it would be safe to travel depending on their condition. If a doctor does deem it acceptable for an individual to travel and that person's condition declines, a medical malpractice suit could potentially result.

The widow of Oscar-winning composer Marvin Hamlisch is currently in the process of filing such a claim after her husband's death. The composer had been in need of a kidney transplant, which his doctor had apparently failed to previously diagnose. It was reported that Hamlisch's doctor had stated that it was fine for the composer to travel, though Hamlisch did apparently display symptoms of potential illness.

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